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 We begin by choosing the issue that we want to work on. The issue is one that generates a feeling of discomfort that we would like to neutralize. It could be a specific negative emotion (fear of flying, paralyzing grief after a breakup) or a pattern of activity or belief that holds you back (procrastination or “that’s just how I am”). Perhaps it is a current situation or a memory or simply an image that disturbs you in some way. Many physical issues have an emotional component that is connected to the problem (stress induced shoulder tension) or an emotion in response to the problem (I’m so angry that I have this illness). Gary Craig suggests tapping on anything that is limiting your ability to be at peace in this moment.


 Tune in to your issue and give it a Subjective Units of Distress (SUDs) rating: on a scale of 0 to 10, where zero is “no problem, I feel fine; this issue doesn’t even interest me anymore, “ and 10 is “over the top”, how intense does your issue feel to you? Write down your issue and the SUDs rating that you just gave it. That will give you an interesting history of change to look at later.


 The setup is a statement that acknowledges the issue and simultaneously affirms self-acceptance in spite of it. The basic formula for an EFT setup is:

Even though I (STATE YOUR ISSUE HERE), I deeply and completely accept myself.

 We repeat the setup statement while tapping lightly on the Karate Chop (KC) point on the side of the hand or while rubbing the Sore Chest Spot (SCS). I prefer the Sore Chest Spot but many people feel more comfortable with the Karate Chop point. Repeat the setup 3 times while tapping KC or rubbing SCS, all the while tuning in to your issue.

Even though I have this debilitating fear of winter driving, I deeply and completely accept myself.


 We take a reminder phrase or word from the setup statement as a cipher of the entire statement. Look at your setup statement. Locate the issue and shorten the statement to:

 This (insert your issue)

 This debilitating fear. Or : This fear of winter driving. Or : This debilitating fear of winter driving.

 Now you are ready to EFT!

Using the index finger and middle finger of either hand (or both if you prefer), gently tap 5 to 7 times on each of the following points while repeating the reminder phrase. Notice how the sequence flows from top of the head and downward, forming a question mark as you move along the points of the face.

Tapping along now:

TH = Top of Head

EB = Eyebrow point. At the beginning of the eyebrow, just above and to the side of the nose.

SE= Side of the Eye. On the bone at the outer edge of the eye. Not close enough to poke your eye and not so far as to be on the temporal bone.

UE= Under the Eye. On the bone just under the eye, about an inch below the pupil.

UN= Under the Nose. In the center between the nose and the upper lip.

CH= Chin. The spot between the lower lip and the upper prominence of the chin.

CB= Collar Bone. Where the sternum (breastbone), collarbone and first rib meet. From the V at the bottom of your neck, move your finger down about an inch. Move it left or right about an inch. This is the K-27 (kidney 27) point in Chinese acupuncture, a very important point. Even though the point is not exactly on the collarbone, we abbreviate as CB for convenience of memory.

UA= Under the Arm. On the side of the body, about 4 inches below the armpit. Generally even with the nipple for men or in the middle of the bra strap for women.

UB= Under the Breast. This is the Liver point, located 2” – 3” under the breast. Not everyone uses this point in the basic sequence, but I find it can be very powerful in shifting the energy of the problem.


 When you finish a round of tapping, take a deep breath, focus on the issue and again rate how you feel. Has anything shifted? Did anything other thoughts, sensations, images, memories, emotions come up as you tapped?

Repeat the tapping round as necessary, using the “still remaining problem” to achieve a SUDs rating of 0. You will know you are there when:

  • The issue no longer holds any interest for you
  • You feel peaceful
  • You burst into laughter
  • There is no more discomforting charge when you think of the issue


Sometimes the Basic Sequence is not enough. When the emotional charge on an issue seems stuck or is not progressing to zero, repeat the Tapping Round with the Basic Sequence and then proceed to tap the nine-Gamut Procedure.


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