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What is E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) and How can it Help Me?


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a safe, easy, rapid method of neutralizing the uncomfortable feelings we experience in response to certain thoughts, situations, memories, emotions.

It was developed by a compassionate man named Gary Craig, whose goal is to help release and empower as many people as possible.

EFT is one of the many tools of transformation and healing that has been discovered within the burgeoning the field of energy psychology.
The basis of EFT is the discovery, made by Roger Callahan, that “all negative emotions are the result of a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Because it utilizes certain acupressure points,
EFT is often described as a type of “emotional acupuncture”.

In EFT, we tune into the negative thought, feeling, sensation, or memory and then use two fingers to very gently tap on a sequence of acupressure points while focusing our attention on the problem. Once the negativity is neutralized, we find ourselves able to think more clearly and effectively again.

After an EFT session, people generally find that they feel calm, clear, grounded and happy to simply be in the moment without attaching to the past or to the future.

The specific issue needing to be resolved may still exist, but the individual has been effectively released from the paralyzing negative emotional component of the problem.

EFT is one of the greatest tools for stress management and one of the simplest, fastest ways to begin reaping the many benefits that a reduction in stress has been demonstrated to offer. This is a simple method that you can learn to do by yourself or use to help others to address:


Feelings of Stress and Anxiety Feeling Low
Fears Performance Anxiety
Poor Self Image/Low Self Esteem Motivation and Procrastination
Improve Outlook on Life Handle Challenges More Calmly
Build Confidence Negative Emotions: Anger, Guilt, Grief
Cravings, Compulsive Behavior, Addictions Weight Release
Smoking Cessation Abuse and Trauma Issues
Chronic Pain  

EFT is so versatile that Gary Craig encourages everyone to “Try it on everything!”

If you would like to use this simple but powerful method to help you feel better, call or email me now to schedule an appointment at the Shelburne Falls office or on the telephone.

This is one method that works very well over the phone!

Call Deborah Yaffee, CH, CN at 413-625-2800 or email me at deb@riversidehealing.com




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