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What will my Hypnosis Session be like?


Graduates of the Banyan Hypnosis Center have been trained to adhere to high ethical standards of professional conduct. You will need to fill out an intake form. If you are under medical or psychiatric care for a condition that is related to your decision to seek hypnosis, a referral from your doctor will be required and we can help you with those forms. Your hypnotherapist will review your intake form with you and make recommendations about the course of action she feels is appropriate.


Your hypnosis session is confidential. Permission to do hypnosis with you is secured before each session. You will also be asked if the hypnotist may lightly touch your hand, arm, shoulder, and forehead for professional purposes of inducing and deepening the hypnotic state, but it is entirely up to you to agree to this. Never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable!


It has been amply demonstrated that those who know more about hypnosis tend to do better in the hypnotherapeutic process, so your first session will be largely educational. You will learn about the subconscious mind and how you can use hypnosis to make the kinds of changes that you want to make. Any questions or concerns you have about hypnosis will be answered and you will be asked if you would like to do hypnosis.


Your hypnotherapist will then guide you into a state of hypnotic relaxation and the work of helping you to achieve your desired results will begin. Upon emerging you from hypnosis, the hypnotherapist will spend some time discussing the experience with you. There may be “homework” designed to help you make the most of your sessions at home.


Here at the Riverside Healing Arts Center, we use several types of hypnosis procedures, but all of them are fairly short term. Depending on the issue and the client’s willingness, most protocols run from four to six sessions. The client is always welcome to come back for a tune-up to reinforce the work already done.


You will schedule your next appointment before leaving the office. For maximum benefit, sessions should be spaced no more than a week apart. Sessions are by appointment only so please email or call as soon as it is convenient for you in order to avoid having to wait for an appointment.


Call 413-625-2800 or email deb@riversidehealing.com








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