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 !  10 Common Hypnosis Myths


1) Can You Be Hypnotized Against Your Will? - Hypnosis is a tool to help with behavioral issues that you wish to address. When there is a relationship of trust between the client and hypnotherapist, the client's mind will be more open to suggestions for positive behavioral changes.

2) Losing Consciousness - People in hypnosis are not asleep. They do not ever lose consciousness! They are in an altered state of consciousness and are aware of everything that is going on.

3) Surrendering of Will, Losing Control - Hypnosis clients always remain in total control of their will and while in the hypnotic state will not do anything they would not do in their usual states of consciousness.

4) Hypnotized People do Crazy Things While in Hypnosis - Stage hypnosis was created for audience entertainment. Under hypnosis people DO NOT do things that are contrary to their morals, beliefs or values. Hypnotherapy was created for the realization of the client's goals and to release negative habits, limiting behaviors, fears or physical discomforts.

5) Antisocial Acts - A hypnotized individual maintains all of their usual moral values and will not do anything that he or she would not do when they are not hypnotized.

6) Revealing Secrets - A person will NOT reveal anything about themselves that they do not wish to reveal. They remain in TOTAL CONTROL during the entire hypnotherapy session, and remain responsible for their own actions.

7) Repeated Hypnotic Inductions Weaken the Mind - Repetitive inductions actually strengthen a client's mental abilities to achieve their goals and release fears, limitations or discomforts.

8) If You Can Be Hypnotized, You are Weak-Minded - To be hypnotized you need be of average intelligence. You must have the ability to visualize or imagine and to focus or concentrate. The fact that a person is looking for another tool with which to assist them with an issue and is willing to do the work indicates a strong mind.

9) Hypnosis Weakens One's Will - A person cannot succumb to any suggestion made by the hypnotist that is contrary to their goals or wishes.

10) Can a Person Get Stuck in Hypnosis? A client can not "get stuck" in a hypnotic state. The hypnotic state is maintained by the hypnotist's continuous vocalizations. If the hypnotist stops talking, the client will either emerge from hypnosis to see why the talking has stopped or fall asleep due to their very relaxed state.


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